March 26, 2008

Property Tax Refund Received

We’ve been eager to receive our property tax refund check, but didn’t expect to receive it so soon.

The tax assessor’s office told us it could take 60-90 days to receive the refund; it only took 21 days. In addition, we were expecting ~$354, but received $384.44. Thank God! We deposited the $384.44 into our E*TRADE savings account to help bolster our emergency fund.

Since property taxes in San Diego County can only increase 2% a year, we just saved ourselves a bunch of money while we own the condo. And, if property values continue to fall, we will likely ask that our condo be reassessed again next year to further reduce our property taxes.


budgets are sexy said...

Ahhh good old E*TRADE! i love seeing that name come up, only because i used to work there :) Our building was super cool looking and pretty trendy.

I haven't had their savings acct. in quite some time, but i do remember it being pretty competitive, esp when they switched to money market accounts.

anyways, good job w/ the extra $$ you got, and esp for dropping it right into your account!

1MansMoney said...

Budgets are Sexy-

I'm glad to hear that you used to work at E*TRADE and still recommend them. You see it all working at a company. That is the best kind of referral.