November 3, 2011

October 2011 Income Statement

October was a reasonable expense month and an above average income month (click on spreadsheet below).

Our total income for October was $8,252.44. In addition to our regular paychecks, we received $1,050 for our new baby. We also sold some items on craigslist for $30, a $50 Chase credit card cash back reward, and earned $26.40 in interest income from our online savings account.

We spent a total of $7,346.87 in October. We actually spent close to budget, if you subtract out $1,845 for cord blood banking and a final $400 payment to our doula. After deducting these one-time expenses, our total expenses were only $5,101.87. This makes me feel a little better about keeping our regular expenses down in October.

November should be another good income month since I receive a 3rd “extra” paycheck. We’ll try to get most of our Christmas shopping done in November, which will inflate our expenses somewhat, but no other large expenses are planned in November.