May 28, 2010

May Net Worth Update (-$4,254.95)

We slide back quite a bit in May. Our net worth decreased $4,254.95 from last month, to a total of $86,660.75 (click on spreadsheet below).

What Worked

My Wife received a $1,884.50 gross ($1,055.71 net) quarterly bonus from old job. She also set-up $500/paycheck to be directly deposited into our savings account. So, our savings jumped $1,000 this month.

What Didn’t Work

Almost everything went down this month.

Next Month

I hate to be negative, but I’m forecasting another net worth decrease for us next month. I will be receiving an extra (3rd) paycheck, but that will be used to pay $1,906.90 in annual insurance premiums (auto and rental) that are due by June 25th. In addition, we have a number of smaller bills next month that add up to one big bill.

May 3, 2010

April 2010 Income Statement

April was a surprisingly good income month and a reasonable expense month.

For my wife having been laid off at the end of March, April was a great income month. Of course her new job that she started mid-month really helped – her 1st paycheck was prorated for 2 weeks and 32 extra hours. She received $905.00 in unemployment and a $1,457.99 severance check from her old job. In addition, we earned $88.98 in credit card cash back rewards.

Our expenses in April were a little more than we budget, but low compared to our huge expense total last month. Our expenses this month totaled $5,460.47. Large expenses included $366.59 for misc items for our new (used) 4x4 and $197.09 in “extra” gas for the new 4x4.

May should be a good month. It will be the first full month of paychecks from my wife’s new company, my 2.5% salary increase will kick in, and a final unemployment check for my wife should arrive.