August 30, 2012

August 2012 Net Worth Update (+11,797.62)

In August, our net worth skyrocketed $11,797.62 from last month, to a total of $183,017.41 (click on spreadsheet below).

What Worked

The largest impact this month, and likely this year was a huge quarterly bonus that my wife earned. She bonus this quarter was $13,750 gross ($9,839.22 net). Obviously, this has a major impact on our finances. We paid off our 0% credit card balance ($5,236.35), tithed 10% ($1,375), and got a few things done around the house. We contributed a total of $2,820.04 to our retirement accounts, and saw them increase $5,143.40 to $60,813.08 total. All of this goodness resulted in us passing the net worth milestone of $180,000 in August.

What Didn’t Work
N/A, we were blessed with an amazing month.

Next Month
September should be a standard month in terms of our net worth increase. However, it’s a milestone for our family as our son turns 1 year old!

August 10, 2012

Net Worth Milestone - $180,000

Today we passed the $180,000 net worth milestone! Our net worth is currently $182,496.62.
We passed our last milestone of $170K last month (July) so reaching $180,000 in such a short period of time is a major blessing.  My wife’s larger than normal quarterly bonus, $13,750 gross ($9,839.22 net), put us over the $180K mark.  Based on my forecast, we should hit the next net worth milestone of $190K by November.

I will update our net worth meter (on the left side of the screen) at the end of the month.

August 3, 2012

Already Passed our 2012 Net Worth Goal!

Today we passed our 2012 net worth goal of $173,200. That puts us 4 months ahead of schedule. Our current net worth is $174,101 and my wife expects to receive a large quarterly bonus next week, so our net worth should jump another $8,000 or so by the end of the month.  Our net worth meter (on left) will be updated at the end of the month.