March 28, 2008

March 2008 Net Worth Update (+$82.80)

The roller coaster stock market continued in March. Thank God we were able to eek out $82.80 ahead of our net worth last month, bringing us to a net worth total of $27,776.61 (click on spreadsheet below).

What worked this month?
Thanks to my wife’s $1,292.50 commission check, we were able to contribute a total of $800 to our Roth IRAs for the month. So, even with the rough stock market, our Roth IRAs are up $490.20.

What did not work this month?
While we contributed $212.40 to my company 401(k), we ended down $216.664 for the month. Our savings account also took a 14.55% hit because we had to pay the 2nd installment of property taxes ($1458.40).

What's coming next month?
Next month is a pretty typical month for us in terms of income and expenses. The big question mark is the stock market. Who knows what will happen?


budgets are sexy said...

those commission checks are coming in handy! maybe she can teach my girl how to conjure up some :) haha...

1MansMoney said...

Yeah, she's doing an awesome job. She expects (God willing) another good commission next month or possibly the month following.


JW said...

Getting a commission check or any bonus to your income nowadays has to be very welcomed. You guys are doing incredible!


1MansMoney said...

I agree JW. We count our blessings daily.


Estabilizador e Nobreak said...
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