January 3, 2013

December 2012 Income Statement

December ended up being a pretty good income month considering that my wife was laid off at the end of November.  However, we spent more than we earned.

Our income totaled $9,427.56 in December.  In addition to my regular paychecks this month, my wife received a $4,128.20 separation package from her company.  In addition, my wife received a $25.00 in company reimbursement for internet, we received $260.00 in gifts, and we earned $6.54 in interest income from our online savings account.  My wife began unemployment this month and received $1,350.

In December, we spent a total of $10,120.01; hard to tell my wife just lost her job, huh?  Some of the larger non-standard expenses were: $1,326.72 pool pump, $1,058.06 in supplemental tax, $250 range membership, and $235.48 in clothing.

Next month my 2.25% raise kicks in and my wife will receive her first full month of unemployment.  We may also receive a refund check from our prepaid and escrow account in January or February.


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