November 1, 2012

October 2012 Net Worth Update (+992.69)

We barely squeaked by with an increase to our net worth this month, but we’ll happily take it.  Our net worth increased $992.69 from last month, to a total of $189,253.96 (click on spreadsheet below).  This puts us at 109.27% of our 2012 net worth goal of $173,200.

What Worked
We continue to pay our auto loan a week or two early so that more of our payment goes to principle ($264 principle reduction this month instead of ~$200).

What Didn’t Work
We passed the net worth milestone of $190,000 earlier this month only to see the market retract and drop us down below it again.  We contributed a total of $1,854.48 to our retirement accounts but only saw them increase $968.85 to $65,231.77 total. 

Next Month
Next month my wife receives a third “extra” paycheck and may earn ~$8K gross quarterly bonus. We plan to put a large portion into savings and also contribute ~$1,500 to our son’s 529 Plan.

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