November 2, 2012

October 2012 Income Statement

October was a very good income month and a slightly high expense month (click on spreadsheet below). 

Our total income for October was $8,065.98. I received a third “extra” paycheck this month.   In addition to our regular paychecks, my wife received a $25 company reimbursement.  We also received $58.08 in credit card cash back rewards and we earned $2.14 in interest income from our online savings account. 

Our spending continues to be higher than plans - we’re not within our budget of ~$6,600.   In October, we spent a total of $9,326.18.  Some of the larger non-standard expenses were: $475.70 for two new car seats, $200.78 for brakes, and $119.57 for a baby monitor.

Next month (November) should be another very good income month because my wife receives a third “extra” paycheck and what may be a large quarterly bonus. 

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