June 28, 2012

June 2012 Net Worth Update (+4,342.33)

In June, our Net Worth increased $4,342.33, to a total of $167,701.09 (click on spreadsheet below).  This puts us at 96.83% of our 2012 Net Worth goal of $173,200 (see NW meter on left side of page).

What Worked
We paid $1,355 towards our 0% credit card debt.  As I mentioned before, our main short term financial goal is to get this card paid off by the end of the year (0% until April 2013).  

What Didn’t Work
We contributed a total of $1,741.95 our retirement accounts, but only saw them increase $1,623.34 to $52,384.64 total.  Not a big deal.

Next Month
We hope to pay down another good “chunk” of our 0% credit card debt next month.  My wife should also learn how large her Q3 bonus in August will be (she kicked butt this quarter).

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