May 31, 2012

May 2012 Net Worth Update (+1,636.22)

In May, our Net Worth increased $1,636.22 from last month, to a total of $163,358.76 (click on spreadsheet below). 

What Worked

We increased our savings account $1,550.47 to $5,140.41, thanks primarily to my wife earning a $2,325 gross ($1,937.89 net) quarterly bonus.  We also paid $1,250 off on our 0% credit card debt, which is now down to $7,191.35. I started a small vegetable garden in our backyard.  This is our first step toward growing some of our own food and hopefully saving money long-termJ.

What Didn’t Work
We contributed a total of $2,076.20 our retirement accounts, but saw them decrease $1,462.84 to $50,761.30 total.

Next Month
June may be another good month because my wife receives a third “extra” check.  This should allow us to pay another good chuck off of our 0% credit card debt.  Knocking down that credit card debt is our #1 financial goal right now.

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