April 3, 2011

March 2011 Net Worth Update (+$3,607.99)

March was another solid month. Our net worth increased $3,607.99 from last month, to a total of $134,273.12 (click on spreadsheet below).

What Worked The big news this month is that we found out that our baby is a BOY! We are very excited. Financially, we were also hugely blessed because my wife accepted a new job that starts next month with a $20,000 higher annual salary (33% increase). She also has an opportunity to make a larger bonus each quarter. I am very proud of her. This is going to really help us reach our goals. To celebrate, we paid off the last of the $2,954.60 student loan. We are now completely DEBT FREE. We contributed $1,213.00 to our retirement accounts and saw them increase $2,020.07 to $91,702.73.

What Didn’t Work Not really a negative, but our savings account balance decreased because we paid off the student loans.

Next Month There is a good chance we will pass our 2011 net worth goal of $138,100 in April, 8 months ahead of schedule. My receives her final paycheck from her old company, gets paid for her remaining vacation time, and starts her new job. We also receive a combined Federal and State refund of $2,325.


Louise said...

wow it's all happening for you! Great to see how well you're both doing, Congrats on paying off the loan, the new job and a son on the way!

1MansMoney said...

Thank you, Louise. This is a great time in our lives.