April 28, 2011

April 2011 Income Statement

April, for how chaotic it was financially, ended up looking pretty benign on paper. Our bottom line income and expenses remained pretty typical (click on spreadsheet below).

This was a transition month, with my wife leaving one company to join another company for a higher paying position. Because of this, she only received one (much larger) paycheck in April. In addition to our salaries, my wife received $1,037.55 for her cashed out vacation, and a $75 reimbursement from her old company for her cell phone. We earned $100 in credit card rewards, sold a table for $50 and received a $2,325 tax refund ($2,155 Federal & $170 State). We also earned $16.63 in interest income from our savings.

Our expenses were much lower than the insane spending we had in March, but still high at a total of $6227.99. Some of the larger items were: $447.59 for cobra insurance, $763.50 in vet bills, and of course more baby stuff.

May should be an interesting month. It will be my wife’s first full month employed at her new company. We will also both be traveling for business in May, so hopefully our expenses will be lower than normal (living on the company dime).

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