February 22, 2009

New Furniture. . .In This Economy?

Yep. We've wanted a new couch for quite a while, but couldn't commit to spending the money in this economy. My wife's father just shut down one of his stores and is giving us a nice leather couch and love seat. He will be dropping them off with us today, so we sold our old sectional couch on craigslist yesterday for $150. We plan to give my father-in-law the $150 as a thank you for the delivery.


J. Money said...

nicely done, sir! i'm always up for buying new stuff when you need it no matter what the economy looks like - if you find a deal, you find a deal! so good work :)

Kristy @ Master Your Card said...

I'm with J. Money, so long as it's something you can afford. In your situation, with your wife out of work for a time, I'd have waited a little while as well. But, how fortuitous that you waited because you got a new leather couch out of the deal. It was very good of you to give the $150 to your father-in-law! That will come back around in a good way for you guys. Hope you enjoy the new couch!

1MansMoney said...

J.Money and Kristy - We're stocked. In addition to the couch and love seat, he gave us a nice glass coffee table. And our blessings continue, our neighbor gave us a sweet lamp that matches the new furniture. We owe them . . .big time.


CouponAlbum said...

Great suggestion for saving money on new furniture purchase!! Thanks for sharing!!

1MansMoney said...

CouponAlbum -

It ended up working out very well. The two leather pieces cost ~$2,400, way more that we would have spent.

- 1MansMoney