February 6, 2009

My Wife Just Called. . .

I rarely post twice in one day, but today is an exception.

My wife called to let me know that she just received and accepted a new job. Since being laid off a month ago, she has been working hard to get back into the same industry. All of that work really paid off today.

The package is even better than her last job:

* Annual salary is $55,500
* Annual bonuses of approximately $16,500
* 2,500 shares of company stock
* 401(k) plan
* 2 weeks vacation a year, 10 sick days a year, numerous holidays off (including Christmas to New Years week)
* Company car
* Laptop computer
* Cell phone reimbursement

That is a huge blessing and something I know my wife will enjoy and excel at. She already gets along really well with the managers that she has met at the new company and is excited to get started. Her first day is the 23rd.


zach said...

wow, that's really wonderful news. it sounds like, as you said, her hard work paid off. and even more importantly she met with everyone and is excited about the job. it's one thing to have a great job but being happy always comes first and foremost, so it's great that she'll be appreciated and be in a positive situation for herself as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!! I am sure well deserved!It is nice to hear good news.

Lyford said...

Congrats Dude! God is good all the time, you can't out give Him.

1MansMoney said...

Hi Everyone,

This is 1MansMoney's wife. I am very excited to start my job and I love what Lyford said. I have to give all the glory to God. Thank you all for your warm wishes along the way!

Louise said...

thats great news! congrats on the new job!

Kristy @ Master Your Card said...

That's excellent news! And, on top of the good news you received from your job, it sounds like you guys are going to be doing just fine, despite the rocky start. Congratulations, and best of luck to you both!

1MansMoney said...

Louise and Kristy,

Thanks! We're so happy and thankful that she was blessed with this great job.


J. Money said...

WOW!! "2,500 shares of company stock" is incredible - good for you guys :)

Missy said...

Yes, yes, yes! And I agree - God is good, all the time.

1MansMoney said...

J.Money- Yeah, I couldn't believe it. I can't wait for her to get it so we can add it to the net worth spreadsheet.

Missy- Yes indeed, better than I deserve.


Money Funk said...

Congratulations! Especially during such a bleak economic time! May the continuous hard work keep showing its blessings. :)

1MansMoney said...

Money Funk,

I appreciate the comment and well wishes. We are so blessed that she was given this job.