October 2, 2008

September 2009 Income Statement

While our net worth dropped $3,310.51 in September, we nevertheless did a good job of keeping our expenses down (click on spreadsheet).

Our total expenses were $6,894.11, surprisingly low considering we purchased a new table and chairs ($329), paid off the balance of Car 1 so we could sell it ($600), and had to have some plumbing work done ($75).

In addition to our regular paychecks, we were able to pull in other income of $265.01 this month from two credit card rewards, a small refund check, and my wife's reimbursement. Our interest income for September was $29.06.

Next month should be a low expense month since I will be on business travel for two weeks.


Christine said...

The Husband gets fun money??? haha. Just Kidding. You both are doing a fantastic job!

BTW, great spreadsheet!

Doctor S said...

secret to keeping the expenses down? I need all the advice i can get!

1MansMoney said...

Christine - Thankfully, yes, Husband does get fun money.

Doctor S - Our expenses have been all over the place since I began tracking them. Our best months are when I constantly check the account balances so that we know where we are at and if we need to make an effort to cut back on spending.