August 7, 2008

Enjoying the Wife's New Company Car

My wife is currently out of town training for her new job on the East Coast. She'll be gone a total of 2-1/2 weeks. I miss her a lot, but driving her new company car is helping me pass the time.

My wife has an extra $10/month taken out of her pay to allow me to drive her company car (what a deal, huh?). So while she is out of town, I'm getting to use it a lot. It's a great looking new car with only 70 miles on it. In fact, I've already received a couple of complements on it (too bad it's not mine).

Not only does driving her company car while she is out of town save us the cost of fuel and wear and tear on my car, the XM satellite radio it came with makes driving much more fun.


NoExcuseBudget said...

That's a great deal! Definately a good use of $10!

Enjoy the XM radio.

1MansMoney said...

No doubt!