August 13, 2008

Almost Profit Sharing Season

My company's annual profit sharing contribution should process in the next week or two. I am anxiously waiting to see what my share will be.

Most of the years I have been with the company, my share of the annual profit sharing has been ~$500. Last year was my 7th year with the company and my first full year as a Sales Manager. I was surprised to see my profit sharing jump to $3,005.63. I don't expect to receive that much this year because of the challenging economy that we're in, but I still hope to get a nice little boost to my 401(k).

I'll keep you posted.


louise said...

I think profit sharing is a great idea, more motivating that a wage that doesn't relect extra effort.

1MansMoney said...

I agree. I'll be posting the profit sharing details today.