October 22, 2007

Southern California Wildfires

Many of our friends have been evacuated because of the Southern California Wildfires. We are far enough away that it is unlikely our neighborhood will be evacuated.

However, I'm flying to the east coast tomorrow for a business trip so we prepared my wife just in case the fire heads in our direction.

Here's what we packed in a suitcase in case there isn't time to fully load up the car:

Food / Dog Food
Extra clothing
Family Photos
Legal Documents
Insurance Documents
Emergency Cash
Hand Gun
Pen & Paper

It's unlikely she will be in a survival situation, even if our area is evacuated. There are many evacuation shelters available. However, worst case scenario, she and our puppy can get by safely staying a night by themselves in the car. In addition to the items above, she would also have her purse, cell phone, computer, and chargers with her.


Louise said...

hoping you and your wife are OK and safe after the fires.

1MansMoney said...

Thank you for the kind thoughts Louise. We were lucky that the fires stayed a good distance away from our condo.