October 1, 2007

September 2007 Income Statement

As I hinted at last month, September was a great income month and a pretty decent month expensewise (click on spreadsheet below).

While my income was pretty boring this month, my wife raked in money from 3 different companies. First, she received a $1,057.94 commission check from her old job (with another $799 commission check from the same company on the way next month). Second, she received a final $1,778.75 check for last 3 weeks with company that just laid her off. And finally, she received a $1,211.54 check from her new company for her first 9 days of work. We were somewhat expecting a ~$700 commission check on a job that my wife referred to her dad’s company, but it will not be sent until next month.

October has the makings of a good month too. My wife is expecting a commission check on a job that she referred to her dad’s company (~$700) and another commission from her old job ($799.09). She may also be receiving a little commission check (<$50) from her new job for some small sales that she had her first month. In terms of expenses, I will be traveling for business for 2 weeks and my wife will be on the road a couple of days as well. With our employers covering all expenses for us when we travel, October could likely be one of our lowest expense months yet.


JW said...

I like the way you have done your income statement. It has given me some ideas about our own. Thanks and Good Luck.

1MansMoney said...

Thanks JW. The monthly income statement has helped us quite a bit.