September 13, 2007

Could Have Been Worse

Today is a busy meeting day for me at work (4 meetings total). I try to get my work done between meetings, making for a hectic day. In-between meetings, one of my co-workers popped in my office today asking "Do you know you have a flat tire?". I thought he was joking, but unfortunately, he wasn't. Since my day was packed, I figured I'd wait until after work to take care of it.

After work, I removed the flat tire and put on my spare tire - one of my co-workers was nice enough to lend a hand. I hesitated going to the tire store because I figured it would be packed with customers coming in after work. When I pulled up, there was not one customer in the office or a single car in the bay. They were able to patch my tire in 15 minutes, for no charge. Heck, they even saved me the trouble of putting my spare back under my truck.

What started off as a bad situation that didn't turn out so bad after all.

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