September 20, 2007

Final Commission Check?

Great news! My wife received a final commission check from her old company today for $1,057.94. The first thing we did was log onto Vanguard and contribute another $300 to her Roth IRA , which completes her contributions for 2007 ($4,000 total). We also paid off the $377.74 air conditioner that we purchased earlier this month on our cash rewards credit card. The remainder of the check will be deposited into our saving account at the end of the month.

The good news continues. This is not actually be her final commission check from her old company. Her records indicated that three commissions were not included in the check. She called her old company and determined that these jobs are scheduled to be completed this month, so she will be paid commissions on them next month. She estimates that next months commission check from them will be $799.09.

My wife is a money making machine.

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