July 23, 2007

Wife's New Job Benefits

My Wife's new job compensation and benefits are awesome. Here they are at-a-glance:

$40,000 base salary during 12 months of training + bonuses + commissions + travel + expense account + laptop

Insurance (starts in November)
Health insurance:$48.00/month vs $84.01/month previously
Detal insurance: $3.23/month vs $8.08/month previously
Vision insurance: $2.08/month vs none previously (paid 100% of contact costs)

401(k) (starts in January)
401(k) match of 50% up to 6% of her salary (4 year vesting schedule)

Misc (starts immediately)
Less driving will save us ~$100/month
Better training
Nicer/more qualified boss
Exciting new field

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