July 30, 2007

Wife's Multiple Paychecks

My wife received a lot of extra income at the end of July as a result of leaving one company and starting with a new company. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Her old company gave her a paycheck for 3 weeks (instead of 2), since they needed to cash her out for her final week that would have normally fallen in the next pay period. This added $635.20 after taxes to her normal paycheck.
  • Her old company gave her an additional 27 days of fuel reimbursement, which totaled $479.47 after taxes (she would normally be reimbursed in August).
  • She was paid $560.01 after taxes for 4 days of training at her new job. She was able to do the training while concurrently working at her old job.

We used this extra income to buy new business clothes for my wife and increase our savings account balance. Her next paycheck on 8/10 (at her new company) will only be for 1 weeks worth of work, so we also keep some of the extra money in our checking account to cover August expenses.

The fun doesn’t stop there, my wife is also expecting a final commission check (~$1,000) from her old company the second week of September.

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