June 13, 2007

Cashing In Some Vacation Days

My company provides 4 paid days off (PDO) each year. The vacation days are structured as follows:

  • After your 1st year, you receive 1 week of vacation

  • After your 2nd year, you receive 2 weeks of vacation

  • After your 5th year, you receive 3 weeks of vacation

I have been with my company for just over 6 years, and currently have 92.29 hours of Vacation/PDO saved up. My goal was to always have 2 weeks of Vacation/PDO available in case of an emergency. Today, I decided to cash in 48 hours of vacation so that we can start earning interest on it.

My company’s HR Department and Accounting Department are quick - I received the check this afternoon. The gross amount was $1,526.54, but after taxes, social security, and a mandatory 401(k) contribution, the net amount is $1,219.11. What a blessing. I plan to deposit these funds into our Emigrant Direct Savings Account, and eventually use them to fund my Roth IRA.

I can cash in Vacation/PDO whenever I want, but will probably limit it to 6-8 days cashed in a year. Effectively, giving myself a 1.9 % - 2.7% raise.

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