June 20, 2007

Opened Roth IRA

As you may recall, we opened a Roth IRA for my wife last month. I’m happy to report that we just opened a Roth IRA with Vanguard for myself as well. I invested in Vanguard’s Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSMX).

We had planned to open my Roth IRA next month, but I received a $1,000 reimbursement check from my company a month or two before the business expense will post to my credit card. So, we used the $1,000 reimbursement check and $2,000 from our savings account to open my Roth IRA. The $1,000 business expense will be paid off (using savings) as soon as it posts to my credit card. In the meantime, it has allowed us to open my Roth IRA a little sooner than expected.

So, my wife and I each have $3,000 in our Roth IRA’s thus far for 2007. We plan to contribute another $1,000 each in the coming months to fully fund our Roth IRA’s for 2007.

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