April 20, 2007

Why Don’t We Talk About Money?

Other than my family, I only have a couple of friends that I talk with about money. Even then, our conversations are usually limited to vague references, and not actual numbers. I can see pros and cons to keeping money matters private.


  • Less chance of jealousy if your financial situation is better than another person's

  • Less possibility of embarrassment if your financial situation is worse off than another person's

  • Less likelihood that someone will hit you up for a loan / try to steal from you


  • Lack of mutual learning thru discussion

  • Could promote “looking wealthy” rather than “being wealthy”

  • May contribute to a ignoring, or not giving enough attention to, financial issues

  • As you can see, I can argue both sides, however, I lean more towards wanting to talk about money - this blog, although anonymous, is a great example.

    One exception for me when it comes to talking about money is discussing compensation with co-workers. I don’t do it and wouldn’t recommend it.

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