April 26, 2007

RSS Feed

1MansMoney now has an RSS feed! I just learned about RSS feeds and love the convenience they provide. Inside of visiting your favorite blogs each day to see if there is new content, you can subscribe (for free) to your favorite blogs and visit one website to see updated content from all of them.

To subscribe to 1MansMoney’s RSS feed, click on the icon in the upper right hand corner of this webpage. You will be prompted to choose a reader (I use Google Reader) and create a user id and password. Then, whenever you want to see if there is new content from 1MansMoney and other blogs you subscribe to, you just log onto Google Reader. What a time-saver.


Kristina said...

I've been "feeding" on you for the last few weeks :) You can enter the blog name in google reader and it automatically finds the RSS feed.

1MansMoney said...

Wow, I didn’t know that was possible – thanks for the heads up. It’s great to know that someone is reading all of this gibberish that I write. I hope some of it has been useful.

I visited your blog and enjoyed reading it. In fact, I subscribed.