April 30, 2013

April 2013 Net Worth Update (-649.10)

Our net worth dropped for the first time since over 1 year ago (February 2012).  Our net worth decreased $649.10 from last month, to a total of $220,560.02 (click on spreadsheet below).

What Worked
We contributed a total of $818.88 to our retirement accounts and saw them increase $2,163.26 to $90,057.37 total.  My wife quit her new job after being stolen back by her old company for the same salary ($83,000).  What made her go back was confidence in selling the product (she made $28K in bonuses last year), a 410K with 6% company match, and an opportunity to further her career by selling another product.

What Didn’t Work
We took a good chuck of money out of savings to pay for a new fence and some bills.

Next Month
May should be a good month for us to get caught back up.  My wife and I both receive 3 paychecks in May.


Anonymous said...
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1MansMoney said...

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Tortoise Banker said...

Very nice progress, we're also doing our best to keep throwing money into our retirement accounts. Keep it going!!!

My blog is here in case you wanted to check out my stuff too. Thanks!