September 5, 2012

August 2012 Income Statement

August was an amazing month - enormous income and large expenses (click on spreadsheet below). 

Our total income for August was $17,679.78, our second largest income month EVER.  The only larger month was December 2011 ($25,449.19, which included proceeds from a recreational vehicle sale).  Our income was huge this month because of my wife’s awesome quarterly bonus ($13,750 gross, $9,839.22 net). In addition to our regular paychecks, my received a $25 company reimbursement.  We also received $50.00 in credit card cash back rewards, a $50.00 gift for my sons 529 Plan, and we earned $3.22 in interest income from our online savings account. 

In July we spent a total of $13,051.92.  We had many rare expenses this month, starting with a $561.81 water bill (broken sprinkler) and $397.03 gas/electric bill (darn A/C). We also went on vacation to Canada($1,865.36), bought a new car battery ($125.91), insurance for our new SUV ($165.97), a portable A/C unit for my son’s room ($173.24 after a $150 gift card), various costs for my wife’s reunion.  We were busy this month!

Next month (September) should be a much more normal income month and hopefully, a mellow expense month.

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