July 27, 2012

July 2012 Net Worth Update (+3,518.70)

In July, our Net Worth increased $3,518.70 from last month, to a total of $171,219.79 (click on spreadsheet below).  

What Worked
We passed the net worth milestone of $170,000 in July!  We contributed a total of $2,245.04 to our retirement accounts, and saw them increase $3,285.04 to $55,669.68 total.  We paid $600 towards our 0% credit card debt. 

What Didn’t Work
Our cash & savings declined because we pulled $3,000 out for a down payment on a SUV.  The balance on the loan is $16,736.99.  My wife has a company provided car and my car is paid off, so this third vehicle is going to be used for “family” stuff, such as weekend trips to the beach, camping, vacation, etc. 

Next Month
August should be a huge income month because my wife earned a large bonus.  The money is slated for paying off our 0% credit card debt, contributing to our son’s 529 Plan, bolstering savings, and tithing.

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