February 9, 2011

2010 Net Worth Recap

I know I’m posting this a little late, but I wanted to take the time to review our 2010 net worth. Below is a table of our net worth data for each month in 2010 (click on table to enlarge). 2010 was a strong year for us, even though we had a couple of close calls with the economy in terms of our employment. Some highlights from 2010 include:
  • We increased our net worth from $68,437.63 to $115,300.07 ($46,862.44 increase), surpassing our net worth goal for the year by $9,600.07.
  • We contributed $17,288.45 to our retirement accounts. Our total retirement account balance grew from $54,620.37 to $83,594.59 ($28,974.22 increase).
  • We increased our savings from $2,492.73 to $9,215.82 ($6,723.09 increase).
  • We reduced our debt from $4,148.46 to $3,127.35 ($1,021.11 decrease).
  • In March my wife was laid off, but in April she found an even better new job.
  • I survived a large layoff at my company.
  • We paid cash for an “extra” vehicle, primarily for recreation.

We already a couple of months into 2011 and things are looking great. Hopefully there will be exciting highlights to review at the end of the year.

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