July 29, 2010

July 2010 Net Worth Update +($6,339.70)

Wow, our July was a great month for the market. Our net worth increased $6,339.70 from last month, to a total of $93,035.08 (click on spreadsheet below). It feels good to be back up over $90K.

What Worked

We contributed $1,313 to our retirement accounts and saw them increase a whopping $6,251.46.

What Didn’t Work

We didn’t contributing $1,000 to our savings this month as planned. My wife and I gave ourselves some extra fun money instead. We’ll get back on track with the savings account contributions next month.

Next Month

Who knows? Hopefully the market keeps going up and the economy strengthens. Haha.


Money Reasons said...

Your getting really close to your 2010 net worth goal!!!

If all goes well, maybe another month or so...

Good luck, glad to see that you are going well :)

Sandy said...

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1MansMoney said...

Thanks, Money Reasons! It looks like we should hit our net worth goal this year after having missed it by a small margin the last 2 years.