February 17, 2010

Getting Back To Even

My company just increased everyone's salaries a bit more in an effort to get us back to our original salary levels before the reduction in February 2009.

My salary reduction was 10% last year and my company, through incremental increases, has raised it back 7.5%. So, I just have 2.5% to go before I'm back to my salary level before the reduction. Great news!


Keira M Stewart said...

What did you just say?? Increase everyone's salaries?? Oh man, why would you increase everyone's salaries nowadays?!

J. Money said...

awesome bro, glad to hear it!

1MansMoney said...


Yep, everyone received a bump up in pay in an effort to get us back to our regular salaries.



@dwbudd said...

Congratulations, and I don't mean to rain on your parade, but you are a bit further behind than 2.5%. Taking a 10% reduction, and then getting 7.5% back works a bit like this:

Start: $100
After 10% reduction: $90 (=$100*0.9)
After 7.5% raise: $96.75 (=$90*1.075)