April 5, 2009

Parent's Paid Off Mortgage

My parent's just paid off their mortgage! What an amazing accomplishment and very inspiring. Plus, this is the second house they paid off.

They were able to do this through a lot of hard work and sacrafice. It's got to feel great to no longer have a monthly mortgage payment. I hope one day my wife and I can do the same thing.


the weakonomist said...

That's fantastic. My parents paid off their mortgage last year. Of course even though real estate is down 8% in this area their tax value went up!

Budgets are Sexy said...

Wowwwww!!!! Good for them :) did they do it in 30 years, or less? and what about the first one?

it's good to know some people actually do this! haha

1MansMoney said...

The weakonomist - That's awesome your folks were able to pay their's off too. We both have good examples to work from.

Budgets are Sexy - Thanks! I think they paid off their 1st home in ~20 years and the 2nd home in ~10 years. They've always been careful and smart with their money.