March 12, 2009

1MansMoney blog is 2 years old!

1MansMoney blog is 2 years old and I'm happy to say that we've come a long way in our journey to retire early. Having started with a negative net worth of -$3,168.85 in February of 2007, we’ve progressed to our current net worth of $39,003.57.

This blog has been a great way to organize our thoughts and track our progress. I appreciate everyone who reads it and want to thank those who take the time to post comments and/or email. The feedback is very helpful and motivating.


WorkHomePlay said...

Congrats on the milestone, what great progress you have made!

1MansMoney said...


Thanks! We're very happy with how things are progressing.


J. Money said...

congrats!!!! here's to 2 more years and 100k+ in net worth :)

1MansMoney said...


Man, I like your positive attitude. $100K+ in 2 years sounds great. I'll drink to that.