November 21, 2008

Saved On Verizon

My wife is so great at saving us money. She saved us ~19%/month on our Verizon wireless bill by utilizing her company's corporate discount. While updating the account, she also determined that I was eligible for a free new phone this month (which I badly needed). She should start a blog called 1womansmoney. . . I'd subscribe.


Newlywed Finances said...

Don't you love those coporate discounts? My wife's company offers us 15% on Verizon, plus a host of other discounts as well.

1MansMoney said...

Hi Newlywed Finances,

Yes, we love it and wish we would have taken advantage of it sooner.


Budgets are Sexy said...

yeah, that's pretty sweet! i'd sign up to her blog too, so now she's have 2 subscribers from the start - much better than we did when we started :)

i think my verizon contract ends in another month or two...can't wait to feel "Free" again - even if i stay around for a bit!

1MansMoney said...

J. Savings - My contract was about to end, but I signed up for another 2 years to get the free phone. No complaints though, Verizon is one of the few services that work well in our condo complex.


louise said...

the extra benefits are great, DH just found out we will get a discount of a couple of major supermarket chains which is a nice bonus.
maybe '1womansmoney' could do some guest posts ?

1MansMoney said...


That is a great idea! My wife has posted a couple of times before, but just as "1MansWife". I think "1WomansMoney" is much more fitting.


FinancePuzzle said...

Great job on the corporte discount...I just wrote a post on how much my corporate discount has saved me...some hidden value out there

1MansMoney said...

FinancePuzzle - I enjoyed reading the corporate discount post on your blog. I hope we can take advantage of more of these.