September 6, 2008

No More Truck

We've finally sold my truck!

We negotiated with the buyer on a price of $12,600. Less than the $12,999 we wanted, but we were eager to quit wasting time. We’ve had four previous offers on the truck and all flaked out. It was starting to eat up more time that I had planned. In addition, the truck was smogged 2 months ago because we thought we had a guy that was serious about buying it. Since the smog certificate is only good for 3 months, we were working against the clock. Our 8 week ad on was also about to expire. It would have cost us ~$100 to get another smog certificate and place a 2nd ad on Auto Trader.

We had to pull $640 out of savings to pay off the balance we owed, but with the truck finally sold, we can begin saving an additional $293/month that was going to the truck loan.

Now, our only debt is our condo mortgages, 1 auto loan, and 1 student loan.


Budgets are Sexy. said...

There you go my man! And in the economy today? not too bad at all. that extra money each month can be a beautiful thing - congrats!

louise said...

that's a nice amount of money to be able to chuck at the debt each month!

1MansMoney said...

Thanks Guys. We're happy to have selling the truck checked off of our "to do" list.