July 13, 2008

First Paycheck

My wife's received her first paycheck from her new company. It was for $1,629.53, quite a bit more than the $1,109.48/paycheck she used to earn at her old company.

This first paycheck did not have any of her benefits deducted, so it was larger than what she will typically receive. Health insurance deductions should hit next paycheck (7/18) and will cost $66.83/paycheck and cover both of us. Her heath insurance plan is better and costs less than the plan my company offers so we're going to move me to her insurance. Come August, our 6% contribution to her 401(k) plan will reduce the paychecks ~$90 each. Her company also matches 25% of her contribution (up to 6%). She will have ~$48/paycheck deducted for her company car starting in August or September; almost nothing considering that includes all costs associated with the car (car payment, insurance, maintenance, all of her fuel, etc.).

Once all of these benefits kick in, her paycheck should still be over $1,400.


J. Money said...

That's total hotness my man! What a great feeling :)

1MansMoney said...

Just wait. I'm going to post today or tomorrow about her final commission at her old company. It was a good one.