June 16, 2008

A New Chapter Begins

My wife began her new job today; it’s exciting to get this new chapter in her (our) life started.

She will be spending the first couple of months learning the products. Then, she’ll be heading out into the field to meet with the doctors. Her company has provided her with a rental car until her new company car is ready. She should also receive her company gas card this week. Her first paycheck will arrive on 7/4 and will tell us exactly how much extra we can invest, save, and use to pay down our 2nd mortgage. Exciting stuff!

Her old company had a nice send off for her on Friday, including giving her a gift card and taking her out to lunch. Not only was that very nice of them, it’s a good indication that they will pay her the final commissions she is do. She hopes to receive the large ~$4,000 commission in mid July.

My wife is leading the way in our quest for financial freedom. I’m going to do my best to try to keep up.


budgets are sexy said...

Def. sounds like a great career move! Remember when you said you were a very lucky guy? looks like you were more than right ;)

1MansMoney said...

Yeah, we're stoked. I'm trying to convince her that I would be a great stay at home dad.