April 4, 2008

2nd Raise For 2008

As I posted about previously, my company is resetting everyone’s review date to the anniversary of their hire date. Most employee reviews already fall on the anniversary of their hire date, but, in the past, if you received a promotion, the date that you received your promotion became your new annual review date.

I received a promotion in January of 2006, thus, changing my annual review from my April hire anniversary to January. Since my company is resetting everyone back to the anniversary of their hire date, I received another review this week.

I was blessed to receive a very positive review that included a 2.07% bump up in pay, from $69,030/annually to $70,460/annually. Combined with my 4.5% increase in January, I’m up 6.57% this year.

We’ve decided to increase my 401(k) contribution by 1%, to a total of 5%. The reminder of the raise money will be used to help us try to keep up with the cost of living.


Chuck said...

Congratulations. Very impressive that they gave you another raise so soon after your previous one.

1MansMoney said...

Thanks Chuck. We're very thankful to have received the raise, especially in this economy.


J. Savings said...

that's wonderful bro, esp. upping your 401k contribution! i'm sending a virtual beer your way.

1MansMoney said...

Yeah, I always feel good about increasing my 401(k) contribution. Thanks for the beer J. Savings.