May 16, 2007

Just Got A Ticket

I was wondering what I should post about today and, after leaving the office, I got my answer.

Down the street from my office I noticed a number of police offices standing at a stop sign. I fastened my seatbelt before reaching them, but was still flagged to the side of the road by one of the officers. He said I was a little too late with the seatbelt and that I was receiving a seatbelt ticket.

I tried to get some sympathy, but the officer said they were out there on their day off giving out seatbelt tickets because of a government grant. He said they are taking a no tolerance position and that it had been announced on the news. I deserved the ticket so I wasn't going to push it, however, while I was waiting for my ticket, another car was pulled over near me and the driver was irate. So much so that the officer writing my ticket was called over as back-up. After dealing with the upset driver, the officer came back to my car, gave me my ticket, and sent me on my way.

I checked online and it appears that the ticket will only cost me $20.00. Not too bad for a good reminder of the importance of buckling-up.

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